How are meat substitutions categorized?
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I eat quite a bit of the Morningstar and Boca soy and veggie meat substitutes and am wondering how the ones that are breaded should be classified on the Food Lovers plate.  For instance the chicken patties are one of my favorites.  The soy would be my protein but would the breading count as my fast carb?  I don't want to eat too many fast carbs at one meal.  Any guidance would be appreciated!!






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I also prefer to eat Morningstar or boca products   If it were doing all the cooking that is what we would have only but my husband likes to have meat sometimes     Do you have any special recipes?   I was making something a while back that I thought was very creative with the sausage...I cooked it with mushrooms and I don't remember what else and served it over faro which is a great grain

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I think Food Lovers should update the diet to include more vegetarian information, and list of acceptable vegetarian store bought foods and how to use them in the program.