Help it's not working for me
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I started the program five weeks ago and nothing has changed. This is way too much food for me. It works for my husband wonderfully but not for me. For some reason my body responds better when i eat three meals a day. I believe that the portions for women are not for all women.  I am so discouraged. i followded the program correctly. Has anyone had this poblem? Im discourage because i dont want to find another program to go on. im never hungry on Food Lovers and i need to find a way to make this work. Need some encouragement

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Hello, I hear your frustration! I would like to refer you to the website below. It is about Eat Right For Your Blood Type and it may just be what you need. I was not losing as fast as I wanted and thought "maybe it's the bread" and then I remembered this book which I read many years ago. I looked up my blood type and sure enough wheat not good for weight loss for my blood type. I would switch to the foods listed for your blood type. Some foods are highly beneficial, and act like medicines in your body, some are neutral and act like food, and some are toxic and should be avoided. 

I also realized that eating the wrong food for my blood type was also causing bloating and chronic constipation. I switched over the past week and have noticed a big improvement in bloating and a return to regularity. Try it. It just might be the ticket for you. 

The info is FREE.

The other thing i would ask is "are you exercising?" If you are older and female most likely you will have to do some exercise to get the weight off. Aerobic is a good place to start -- even just walking at your heart rate 3x a week will make a difference or doing the treadmill. It doesn't have to be gutt busting to be effective -- just make sure you are at your target heart rate for 20 minutes.

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Don't get discouraged.  First let's look at a couple of things.  Did you measure?  And how are you feeling?  Next...are you really watching the sodium - I especially diet sodas?  This can be a major bump in the road.  Trust me, I know they are hard to give up.  I was drinking 5-8 a day prior to FL's.  Now they burn my pallet!  But I didn't get to that point overnight.  Message me a day of your intake and let me take a look.  Sometimes another "eye" can detect a minor thing that might actually be making a difference.  Also...if it's too much food for you right now, try cutting your snacks back to 100 cal serving.  As long as you are getting a min. of 100 calories you should be able to keep your body trusting you that more food is on the way so no need for starvation mode (fat storing) to kick in.  Hope to hear back from you!      Jackie

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Hi Jackie thank you for your encouragement.  I think I really need to give this program time. when I started the program I did not weight myself. I have failed on all other programs in the pass because i was constantly on the scale. now i  decided to stay off for awhile longer. i know i need to give this time. one thingi have to say i love eating this way and this is definately the program i can live with. 

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You said it is a program we can live with!  You can make it your lifestyle and you will continue to see and live with.  I have been living the FL lifestyle since 2009 and can't imagine going back to my old ways.  We had a great discussion on this in our chat last night.  Why diet when you can eat and reap better benefits?!  Keep moving forward...don't be a victim of the scale.  Be sure to measure.  That is the true way to judge your success.  Keep me posted.

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Hi Jackie today i tried on a pair of pants that were way too tight on me that  i could not even button. Well, guess what? TodayI was able to wear them to work!! I'm so happy. This is working and i am excited to know that now I can make this way of eating permanent. Just wanted to share this with you.

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Yay!! So happy for you!  I know that is a good feeling!  Keep moving forward and you will continue to see results!  Keep us posted.  I found blogging my journey here in the community helped keep me accountable to others and myself.  Share your results under the blog tab too and you will motivate others!