Haven't been able to login into my account
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My FoodLoversOnline account keeps showing Temporarily Inactive, contact customer care. I don't know what the problem is, but I haven't been able to login for about 2 months or so. The money has come out of my account for the service, but no-one has contacted me back from Customer Care.

I've left several messages, I've sent a few emails, but I've not been able to get any response. I LOVE the program, but I'm getting tired of not being able to get a response back from Customer Care, especially when my bank account shows that money is being taken out. So I would love to hear back from someone. 


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Philing let me see if I can help you....message me your user name and the email you use to sign in and I will pass it on.  

It is a GREAT program...thank you for being patient!  


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Thank you for responding I appreciate it. 

My email is phillip@ingramonline.info, the user name was supposed to be philing, but I accidentally put phiing. So there you go.