Free vegetables say to many carbs
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I would like to add more vegetables into my meals and every time I add greens such as a cup of salad greens or spinach it says too many carbs. But then it says these items are free eat as many as you like. Also my meal suggestions from my coach say add more vegetables so every time I try to do that it makes my fat loss plate not work. Can you not have slow carb vegetables that are free with any other carb?


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tbell, if you are adding "free" carbs  you will be fine.  The online is programmed to a "set" number which doesn't allow for any overage.  Each food item is programmed into the system with it's carb value so it can't allow for the "free" items.  Keep that in mind when your online "coach", which is also programmed to set numbers, makes a correction.  You are still doing fine and will continue to have results.  The online is strict and won't allow for a few carbs over but that keeps us accountable.  Hope this helps.  Join me Tuesday night in the chat room at 7:30 central and we can discuss it further.  

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Ok thanks !