Foodlovers Plan
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Hey Gina!  Welcome back to the community.  Sorry about your loss with the fire.  I have been following this lifestyle since 2009 and now host weekly chats where I am in the chat room to answer any questions.  They generally happen on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 central unless otherwise noted.  The system was updated a few years ago.  Only a few things changed.  Example- the max on snacks now is 250 calories for men & women & blueberries are now classified as fast carb.  Those are the ones that affected me the most.  I loved blueberries daily in my oatmeal but soon adjusted and love raspberries, blackberries or strawberries.  And I try to keep my snack in the range of 150-200 but know that I can have up to 250 if a special occasion arises.  Message me or post here if I can help you any further.


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The cook books and recipe cards are the same.  They now offer the online version too with a free trial that you might want to check out.  Just remember to cancel by phone prior to the deadline if you decide to not continue using it.

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Glad you found will allow you to adjust the times for your meals and snacks.  Play around with it and you will soon have it figured out.  If you have any questions feel free to post here or message me.  

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No bother, Gina!~that's what I'm here help you make this a lifestyle change.  If it won't allow you to break the times down further just estimate the closest time.  FL's is very forgiving and you don't have to get it perfect to get results.  Hope you can join us in the chat room soon.  


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LWeppler,  I will forward your concern on to Admin.  Sorry for the problem.  Message me if I can help further.