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Can I use this online tool this way------what I have been doing is experimenting with what I want to eat for the NEXT day by putting my meal ideas in before I eat them to make sure they are considered a fat loss plate.  I than eat that food the next day. It gives me 100's most of time which I know I backed into but I prefer the rigidity of knowing exactly what to eat each day.  

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Love this idea, tried this in the beginning, not sure why I stopped. Probably because I didn't have the journal telling me to. I think I will go back to the daily suggestions in the first 21 days.

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Hi Cashflow,

I do that myself, it's been working for me. As long as I get the green check I'm good, when i don't I play with it and change what i need to adjust to make it a green check. 

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I like that Idea also.  Is there a way I can add my own meals on there and save it? I am having trouble finding something similar to what I actually eat. 

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Is it okay to use the online journal in this way during the 21 day mm? I have done this program in the past using the book. Now with the online it's so much easier to just keep plugging things in there until you get a fat loss plate. But, I realized that may not work during the 21 day mm. Surely I'm resetting my metabolism? Will I lose weight? Or is that just for maintenance? Thanks.

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fewerabs,  You can most certainly us the online for the 21 day mm.  In fact it is programmed in the online.  If you are doing the 21 day you should drop a few pounds and inches but more importantly you are resetting your body to burn instead of store fat.  Then you will be ready to move on to FL's for life!