Finally Losing Weight!!!!
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I feel so very blessed to have found this program! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism twelve years ago. I am currently on 150mcg Synthroid and have been on this dosage for the past ten years. I had given up on losing weight; i would have to starve myself to lose a pound. It was a losing battle and i felt so defeated! I had seen Food Lovers on tv one night and said this would be my last attempt at weight loss. If it failed to work I would just have to accept the inevitable.  I have been on the program for about two months and I just put on a pair of jeans size 16 misses, I was a size 20W. I am never hungry and that is so important! I pray my other hypothyroid peeps find this program, so they can see that we dont have to be obese, we CAN lose weight!  So very thankful!!!!

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Lane, that is FANTASTIC!!!!  Congrats to you!!  I am still waiting for my kit to arrive but seeing things like this make me more encouraged and determined than ever. 

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Awesome!  I have Hashimotos, I can relate!