Feeling Discouraged
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I work 60 hours a week and my schedule is never the same so trying to fit all these little meals in is hard.  I have been on this now for 2 months and the online says I do GREAT so why can I not loose weight.  Will keep trying for a couple more weeks and then I am done.  I find the meals on here difficult as they are not the foods I eat or cook with.  Probably why I can't loose.  I thought when I purchased I could loose by eating my normal foods.  I am thinking that is not really true.  Anyone else have this problem with the online saying you have created a fat loss plate and yet you are not loosing weight very quickly.

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Thank you for your suggestions.  I have restarted the program and am now listening to the 21 day makeover.  I made a few small changes and have lost 2 pounds.  I am not going to give up I just have to find foods I like that I can eat.  Since I am on the go constantly  I struggle not to eat packaged foods but am learning to make better choices with those types of food. 

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I'm sorry I haven't seen your post before now....please tell me what foods you love and what you were eating when you were gaining and I will help you use those by making them a fat loss plate.  I'm from the South...and if I can do it eating "beans and taters"  lol....you can do it too!  Seriously...don't throw in the towel yet...let's talk.  Message me privately if you'd like.  The food options and menus are merely suggestions...it's in no way what you HAVE to eat.  I do use some of the recipes and options and they have been a great guide but I tweak everything to MY liking.  If you haven't visited my Facebook page yet please do so if you are on FB.  I post my meals and snacks from time to time and maybe you can get some ideas.   https://www.facebook.com/JackieDFoodLoverForLife?ref_type=bookmark

Are you keeping track of inches lost?  Many times the scale will not show the true picture of your loss.  Only you see the scales...others see inches releasing which means smaller clothes. 

Join our chats if you haven't yet...it the days and time are not good...message me when you could meet me in the chat room and I'll be happy to try to make time to meet you there.


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Jackie D I was still trying to eat potato's, and bacon.  Since I cut back drastically on both of those and added a protein shake I have begun to loose.  I have also began redoing the 21 day cd's to help get me back on track.  I initially lost some weight but then went 3 weeks without and I think it is because I was eating to much of the bacon and potato's.  I am a picky eater and am struggling to find a variety of foods.  I like chicken, tuna, and hamburger, some steak but absolutely no other seafood or fish.  When I put in and let them create a food sheet for me it is food I won't eat or ingredients I haven't heard of so I am working to tweek the foods I like to try and get a good balance.   I really think the protein shake is going to help me a lot.

I like you facebook page and will look at some of your meals to get ideas.  Thank you for your support.

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wareaglefan2:   If you like yogurts you should by a low sugar high protein mix.  I bought one and it has helped a lot.  I can have a low fat yogurt in the morning with a serving of my Level 1 protein mix and it is a meal.  I started loosing after using this to help get my protein up.   I have gone onto the online and put in different foods at my favorite restaurants and found what I can have so that I am not guessing when I get there.  Don't give up it has taken me 11 weeks but I am loosing weight and most importantly re-learning to eat properly.

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I am new to the program, and until last night, I was skeptical about the program (this is my 4th day only) - however, I am down from 180 to 176 which means it must be working or I'm just destined to lose weight quickly. 

I do not follow the food plans on the system, as some of that stuff is made with canned / processed foods and it's something I haven't eaten in quite a while, I prefer to manage my own foods based on what I love to eat - after a long year on a low carb diet, I deserve it! My cupboards have the bare minimum in canned and packaged goods. 

To begin the program, I went grocery shopping and purchased the stuff that I love - fresh vegetables and fresh berries, lots of different meats and cuts of meats, seafoods, Almond Milk, Cheese, Fage Yogurt, I looked at the bread aisle and bypassed it for the moment before making note that Dave's Green Bread (my favorite!) is on the list of food I can eat. My entire refrigerator and cupboards are filled with foods I love to eat, and what my boyfriend loves to eat - not a thing in the house that I dislike eating!

Every evening since I began, I log onto the site and click on the Eating Journal I select to add Breakfast for the next day and I cycle through a few things I have in-home or have within reasonable distance. Here's an example:

1. Add 2 Boiled Eggs
2. Add 1 cup Blueberries

FLP Optimizer responds: Overall, portion sizes too small

3. Add 1 slice Honey Whole Wheat Bread

FLP Optimizer responds: Carb portion size too large

4. I then remove the Bread, Add in FAGE Yogurt and 1 tblsp Honey 

FLP Optimzer responds: Cab portion size too large

5. I reduce blueberries to .75 3/4th cup

Congratulations you have made a FatLoss Plate 

It's that easy to combine what you have in-house quickly and without having to feel obligated to the stuff on the website. This tool is by far the most important part of your journey. My biggest problem is that, I tend to choose the healthier versions of foods, I am often still full 3 hours later, so I have to adjust a few things somewhere or just eat my fill each time. In any case, I lost 4 pounds in 4 days - this could be water weight, but I have been on a low carb diet and I drink half my weight in ounces of water - 12 cups a day is easy peasy! 

A few suggestions for you - and other picky eaters. Don't buy what you don't like to eat! You are not held to eating anything just smaller portions more often of things you love. 

Shop at Trader Joe's - the cereals alone are enough reason! There's so much choice in the cereal aisle, and many that can be eaten on this program in 1 cup to 1.5 cup servings. I just had 2 HB eggs, 1.5 c cripy rice creal, 1 c Almond Milk for breakfast. It's a lot of food but it's what I love, and it had enough fiber and protein to get me through the morning, at snack time, I will have yogurt and berries and maybe my afternoon snack will be an ice cream sandwich and 2 slices of turkey. I'm eating all the time and it's a lot of food. Hopefully this will help me get down to my goal weight!

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Still Frustrated!!!

I am a 53 year old married woman and husband and I are trying to loose weight. He says he has lost 9 lbs. but that was in week 1,. And I lost 3.7, but now at the end of week two, he is still at 9 lb. and I am up .6 lbs. And may I add that this is really nearly the end of my 2 months. What gives? I am using the online food tracker, and have no problem working with it. So apparently it isn't true for me. I will be cutting out all shelf purchases as snacks.  i.e. crackers or chips, or popcorn. And stick with fruit, vegetables (of which I only like about half) and yogurt.

I will take adjohns  recommendation for blending up some yogurt protein powder smoothies. Any suggestions?

Also, I have found that this eating plan causes me occasional, may I say...loose stools? (Sorry) But it's true. It worried me enough to go get food allergy testing. Should know soon. Wish me luck