Eating time
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Good question, grandmagege!  What I would push my breakfast out just a little.  You want to eat within an hour max of getting up.  30 minutes is shower or something for the first 30 -45 min then have breakfast to "break the fast" you body has been on while you sleep.  That will buy you some time so to speak.  Then I believe you will be close enough to the 3 hr. mark to continue in fat burning mode.  I would try to get the snack in at long as it's 100 cal. it will keep you burning.  I found a pk 100 cal. almonds works great for times you need to sneak in a snack.  Or any other portable food such as jerky, a piece of fruit and cheese stick, etc.  I've "snuck" in a 100 of almonds in a work meeting and church before.  No one knew.  I realize everyone's work situation is different but a quick trip to the restroom is enough time to sneak it in if you have too.  lol