Eating Journal problem
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I have been trying to access the eating journal for the past few hours but it won't allow me to update. There is a spinning wheel and it won't stop.I have logged out and logged back in but it's still the same. Everything else is working though..just not able to put my meal in my journal. Any suggestions? 

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I think the same thing. Been on here since 6am to no avail. I'm on my last week of trial. Wonder if this happens a lot? Have had nothing but problems from beginning with online services. Wish it worked as well as the diet.

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Thank you all for bringing this to my attention.  I have sent Admin an email and they will be looking into the problem.  I will let you know if I get an update.  In the meantime....log/journal on paper and plug it in when we get it resolved.  


Jackie D.

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I've had a problem since last night and still can't use the program.