Eating Disorder
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Is this a good plan for someone like me who is Bulimic?  So far I'm on Day 3 and I haven't had any problems. I don't feel the need to binge, and that is good.   I just would like to know your opinion with this plan and eating disorders.  

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Lizawaz I think this is a great plan for you.  I was following FL's for a while before I was able to admit/confess that I too had binged and purged in the past.  Not something I was proud of but desperate needs bring on desperate measures.  I had tried so many "diets" and gimmicks and nothing I tried gave me long term results.  Then I found Food Lovers.  Since I was eating all day long and keeping my blood sugar level I had no desire to binge.  If I found I was wanting something more I simply reminded myself that in 2 hrs I could eat again.  Keep us posted.  I think you will be truly happy and satisfied with this lifestyle.  

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