Diabetic members
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Hi there :-). I wonder if I might be able to connect with members who are diabetics, and have been successful with bringing their #'s down, being a Food Lover.  Thank you in advance! ~Katrina

Hi Katrina,I had the same question. This is my second day with 3 plates & snacks and I already had a low number episode this morning. Hopefully we will hear from members that have conquered this problem. Flo

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roselady that is awesome on your blood sugar levels!!!  I have seen where many have improved their numbers and done well with this lifestyle with controlling their blood sugar.  Keep us posted!

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I am also diabetic (type2) and my initial purpose for getting into this program was an attempt to get a handle on my A1C. 

I am in touch with my health care providers and we will keep close tabs on my progress. 

 Roselady had some good suggestions  regarding adjusting the food amounts. 

All in all, I believe that I will be eating healthier and if the weight comes off slowly, then that is fine with me and my HCP.  Drastic changes in my weight may cause some spikes and/or dips in my BSL so I monitor regularly.

Best wishes to all.


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HI, I am wondering how anyone with sugar level issues are handling the fast carbs. I am in the process of tapering off my meds but eat 90% protein and slow carbs. The menus this program  is coming up with  involve fast carbs that I would  never eat. Do you use the menus they come up with or are you creating your own?