Daily overall nutritional content?
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Is there anywhere where you can see your whole days nutritional totals?  So, for example, is there somewhere I can see yesterday's values all totaled up - Calories, fiber, fat, carbs, etc...?  I know counting calories is not a specific part of this program, but it would be really nice to see a snapshot of each day for reference and without having to go into each meal and snack and get the totals to add up myself.


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Hi,   Yes there is a place to look at totals for the meal.   When you are in the area building a meal, look at bottom right hand corner and click on NUTRITIONAL values for that meal.

Are you new to this new lifestyle?  I am in to it about 1 month.  I had to start over after week 1.  Finally got the hang of it in week 2.

I am down 10 and 25 to go !!!!  lost 1.5" off my waist and doing the workouts better.  Form is better than just finishing.  I feel way better.

Curleywolf (Sherry)

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Curleywolf.....is that in the online journal? I don't see it. Are you talking about when you are entering a recipe? Please clarify bc I'd really like to keep up with that as I have reached a plateau. Thank you!