Confused on schedule
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I'm almost done with 21 day MM and am a little confused about how much I should be exercising. It says - From here on, you will alternate between 36 minutes of Fat burning cardio and 24 minutes of resistance exercise, or Circuit Training (the Tone and burn DVD),
every other day.

Does that mean I should be doing (for example) Monday - cardio, Tuesday - resistance, Wednesday - cardio, Thursday - resistance, etc. or does it mean Monday - cardio, Wednesday - resistance, Friday - cardio, etc.?


The "every other day" part confused me.  I wasn't sure if it just meant to alternate which one I did so I don't do resistance two days back-to-back or if it really meant to skip a day between for rest.


Please help!

Kierstien (Smilyldykc)
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I try to exercise 4-5 days per week.  I mix it up to keep my body guessing.  I try to start each morning out with one of the 12 min. workouts before breakfast.  I also try to do cardio or resistance for a min. of 30 min. after work each day..  I have set Wednesday/Sunday as my rest days.  I feel I that so my body can rest, heal and absorb what I have done.   The workouts that come with the kit are great.  Those were all I did for the first year or so but have added some good ones along the way the last 4 yrs.  :)

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Thanks so much for your replies!  I started out only doing the online program but just recently decided to try the at home version so I can compare.  It looks like the books give more info in some areas that would have been helpful. For example the schedule Mart mentioned. 

Thanks for your help!  Last night was my 36 min cardio and I'm going to a Padre game tonight (I'm in San Diego) so knowing me I will be up and down the stairs all night in the stands and walking around. lol

Kierstien (Smilyldykc)