Cereal Issues
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Hi everyone!  I am just starting out and on Day 5.  I have tried plugging in some of the suggested cereals into my food log and I can't get any of them to equal a fat loss plate.  Any suggestions?  What have any of you tried?  With my allergies, I'm usually pretty nauseous in the mornings until my meds have kicked in, and I'm always looking for quick and easy things to eat for breakfast.

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I had same problem, but with rice krispies, raisin brand, corn flakes.....but I added   2  glasses of 2%  milk and got a balance.

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I'm guessing you aren't getting enough protein.  You want your meal to have a min. of 12 grams of protein.  I add a scoop of protein powder with mine or have a side of egg whites and it gives me the plate of approval. I also use unsweetened almond milk to save on carbs and calories.

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Special K Flatbread Sandwich AND choice of Frigo String Cheese or banana.

Egg McMuffin from McDonalds

Special K w/red berries (1 cup) and 1.4 cups 1% milk

Quest White Chocolate Raspberry Protein Bar AND choice of 1 large hard boiled egg or 100 calorie regular yogurt

Those are some of the combinations I have done.  Try manipulating the serving sizes to see what gives you a match; that is what I had to do to get some combinations to equal a fat loss plate. 

Good luck to you!  :)

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I, too, love cereal in the morning and my favorite is Nature's Path Peanut Butter Granola with 3/4 cup 1% milk and 1/2 cup strawberries.  This fits nicely into the Fat Loss Plate category.

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Nature's Path and Kashi are my favorite cold cereals.  I don't worry about the ingredients because I have found they are some of the best.  I add protein powder, almond milk and berries for a fat loss solo.