Cancelling FLV's Online
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I joined Food Lovers in January 2015.  I loved the program and was diligent in following all the rules. Between my husband and I, we lost over one hundred pounds!  We were happy having lost all that weight that was pulling us down!  Fast forward to 2017.  In March/April, we decided to buy in to the Food Lovers Online program.  So, I signed up and waited, and waited, and waited for the email that would have the information I need to log on.  I never received an email, other than the one I got welcoming me and detailing my purchase.  I waited approximately one week, and still no email.  So, I called and had to leave left a message stating I wanted them to stop billing me quarterly (every 13 weeks) to my credit card they have on file.  Per there guarantee, there is no risk or obligation and we can stop at any time by calling 1-877-358-5849. Not only did I call, but I also sent an email to and I called 888-776-8432 and sent an email to asking to stop billing my credit card.  The Provida Life Sciences toll-free number, which I got off their website, is a joke!! Try it for yourself!  Does anybody know how to contact Food Lovers or Provida?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  I have already contacted my bank to dispute all the charges from AWW* Food Lovers, and by the way, does anyone know what the AWW means?

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Good morning, grits59,

Sorry for your trouble....I will forward your post to a contact and ask them to look into it...The FL's lifestyle is great and works as you know with the results you and your husband had in the past.  I hope this issue will get resolved so you can continue your lifestyle changes.