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i have been trying for months to contact support to cancel my account but continue to be billed. I have called and emailed multiple times with no results. How can I get my account cancelled and my money reimbursed? 

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Hey Stargazer....let me see if I can help.  I know they are on Pacific time ....not sure where you are but let me see if I can help.  Sorry to see you cancel.  If I can help you stay on track let me know!


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Hello Stargazer.  I, too, tried to discontinue the program but could not get a reply after at least a dozen phone calls placed for Pacific time.  I finally got my online program discontinued via e-mail, although I was surprised they did it this way.   I really liked the online program, but lost confidence in the company because no one was home.   I never got the kit as order even after waiting 5 weeks.  Costumer service is SO important.  Food Lover's could really rock if those who run it understood this.  That's why I left.  The only reason I left.