Breast feeding - are any modifications needed?
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I am struggling to lose weight after having my 1st child.  I have had great luck with this plan in the past but am wondering if I need to make any modifications due to breast feeding?  I want to be sure that I am consuming enough to support myself and my child nutritionally, but not too much that I can't lose weight! Help!

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Hey Stargazer!  

If you are following the FL plan, then you should be getting the calories and nutrients that you need.  You might want to talk with your doctor about it and get his feedback as everyone is different.  If you see that you are lacking energy I would do a boost meal every 3rd or 4th day which would be adding an extra fast carb or protein portion for 1 meal.  On your snacks make good healthy options and try avoiding extra processed or sugar laden snacks.  

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Jackie D.