Anyone here from the 6 Week Body Makeover Forums
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Hello I was on the 6Week Body Makeover Forums about 5 years ago and lost over 100 pounds.  Since then I have become diabetic and gained most of the weight back.

I was on a forum of great people and we participated in many weight loss challenges.

Let me know if you want to join me here.


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Hi, I'm Linda - I'm going back on the program also.

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I started on the 6WBM after seeing Michael's informercial around 2003. I was shocked to hear of his passing in 2013. Does anyone know what he died of? I did lose 25 pounds on his program but could not stay on it. But he turned me on to many good weight loss tips. I am sad at his passing. It was the first of my many diets that I thought made good sense.