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I was deciding to use the online program, thought it would be good for me as i am on the computer a lot.


I was checking the online forum to see how others like it. but there is no one out her.

In fact I am so disapoint in the forums because it seems to be so empty.

Perhaps a group would be better, I don't know, I just wanted some feed back befor tryint it out.

Seems they use to be so active, now they seem dead, some post are a year old.

I guess I will check and see if there is an online group or something.

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The intent of the Food Lovers App was so that you can make your journal entries while you were out and about or on the go. This is why you would only see the food journal and not all the functions available like you do on the website (this is in regard to both Android and iPhone apps). If you were able to access the support community on your mobile device it must have been via the browser on your device. I would recommend using your desktop computer to experience all the functions of the site and use the app to make your entries.


Hoping for some clarification ~ I downloaded the FoodLovers App to my Android phone a month or so ago and it was working great.   At that time I had the food journal, but I also had access to the community forum and recipes (some times; not other times).   Since you have brought up the Iphone app and the new online site, I have only the food journal on my Android.   Everything else has disappeared.


I tried to uninstall and reinstall thinking that the new updates might not have transferred over to my Android ... to no avail.    Is this normal?   On the Android App, is only the food journal available .... not access to the entire online community forum, etc.?


Personally, guys, I'm not seeing this new site as an improvement.   The old site setup was much more "user friendly" and the format had a better appearance, too.   The blogs and message boards are less interesting because before we could just see our "friends" photo (much larger) and there was more separation between blogs making it easier for viewing.    Everything looks all squished together now.    Just my opinion .... BUT ....


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What is the app called to download for the android ?

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What is the app called to download for the android ?

 OOPs just found it ,