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Hi my name is Barbara and I am 56 years old and have quite a bit of medical problems.  I just happened to see your infomercial on the TV yesterday while I was helping my 6 year old grandson.  Heard what you said about eating thru the day and right foods together and portioning it out.  Really made sense to me because I was currently only eating one meal a day as I would get very nausea after eating.  As soon as I joined your program yesterday afternoon I started the online program as I wanted to start right away.  I know this is going to sound stupid even crazy but in just one day this is the first day I did not feel tired where I needed to sleep another 2 to 3 hours and this first day I did not feel as much pain I have been in for a long time.  I am even moving better today then I have in the past 6 months.  I know that this is not a CURE or it will take care of all my ailments but it is sure nice enough to feel better, have more energy and I am even moving a lot better.  My starting lbs as of yesterday is 335 lbs.  Maybe it is just in my head but I really do feel this is actually helping my body to change.  I am so wrapped up in this plan right now and I am very excited.  I guess my question is can this actually really work this fast? Thank you for your time.Barbara

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Hi Mart,

Thank you so much for your response.  I feel like part of a very big family and that feels good.  I did order everything yesterday afternoon but wanted to get a jump start on it right away.  So I did sign up for the online and yes it is much easier planning a day or two in advance and having a clear plan of what and when I need to eat is so great.  I am fully disabled and was starting to lose all function in my legs believe it or not right my right leg is better got my muscle strength back somewhat much better then yesterday.  My husband of 25 years even see the difference already.  Trust me this is like a very welcomed way of working on my weight without being shamed into it.  This is alot of food more then I am use to but doing it 2 to 3 hours apart is working great.  My nausea has gone and my body feels good.  I would love to keep in touch with you and exchange stories and successes.  I will do the picture and measurements tomorrow for sure. Thanks Mart your response meant a lot to me.  Hopefully will talk to you soon.  Barbara

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Barbarah57 :) Your post brought me back to my first day on food lovers. I'm excited to have you on our team.