Achieved My Goal
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Hi All,

Just wanted to give an update as to where I am at since I started the Program on July 7th.  I am a Night Shift person and as a result I have not been able to keep up with the Program really well.  I have a Night Shift Buddy and we encourage each other since we understand that the world does not cater to Night Shift Workers.  Anyways, I wanted to lose 10 pounds when  started the Program but I was not able to even stay on track with the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover and thought that nothing was going to happen if I did not stay on track.  I decided however, to do what I can since this is a life change and see what happens.  I stopped weighing myself every day and didn't do so until one month after starting and was amazed to see that I had actually lost 4 pounds.  That was my motivation to continue.  

It has now been 10 weeks since I started the Program and I have lost 10 pounds.  That is amazing to me :).  I do believe that the exercise is what has been helping me the most.  I have always been lazy when it came to exercise and only did it when I started gaining weight and wanted to lose it.  So I typically exercised every Summer.  Not the best plan of action but that was my plan.  I love the Exercise DVD that came with the Packet.  When I think I can't exercise today, I tell myself you can do 12 Minutes and that works.  I can see the changes in my body and that's really motivating me as well.  I am a small person so when I gain weight it's usually in my mid-section and that is depressing.  

So bottom line, "This Program Works."  It may not work as quickly as we would like if we're not able to stick to it as strictly as we should but if we are forgiving of ourselves and take one day at a time, we more than likely will be pleasantly surprised.  I have now decided that I want to lose 2 more pounds which is the lower weight for my height so I am working on that and then I believe I can keep the weight off.  In my mind I decided it may take me twice as long to lose the weight as those who are able to stick to the Program as recommended but it did not take that long, and I am happy for that.  Will report when I have achieved my new goal :).  


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Thanks Mart.  Hope all is well :).

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Thanks Mart.  Hope all is well :).

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Hi Helen,

     Thanks for sharing. I, also work night shift, so I am struggling on how to make this work. I am day 3 and still learning. Good for you losing the weight you lost and being determined. Have a beautiful day.