95% vegetarian not wanting meat for protein
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Hi! So I just signed up for the metabolism makeover hoping that I could get a jump start into weight loss with my already established cardio/hiking, weight lifting and MMA schedule. Problem is, my menu plan was just created and I see that there are no vegetarian options. I don't call myself a vegetarian as I will eat meat now and then but when I do it's very rarely and in very small amounts (as in not even a portion size usually). So my question is, is there a vegetarian option with this program or is this really not for me then?

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I know the post is very old but for those who are interested in vegetarian food lovers, if you buy the books, dvd's kit, there is a section in the How To Make A Fat Loss Plate book on using vegetarian proteins and making your plates.   I try to follow that info. Just an FYI.