7 day slim down vs 6 day detox
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which one is better? and why?

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I would like to know that too. When I bought the program, only the 6day detox was offered. Now the 7 day slim down is offered. I do not have access to that program. Hopefully someone answers you soon.

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Depending on when you purchased your Food Lovers kit, we have had some special offers in addition to the FLFL System. The 6 Day Detox was an older offer that we have now since replaced with the 7 Day Sizedown. The 7 Day offers more "food" options and is more streamline to the 21 Day Makeover, which we believe is a great jumpstart to your weight loss. Hope this answers your question!

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That does help. Thanks

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Having done them both....either is great for a jump start.  Like admin said the 7 Day gives you FOOD options.  I don't mind a smoothie occasionally but I love to eat and love to chew my food.  That's why I needed this lifestyle 5 yrs ago and continue following it to maintain today.  Nothing can compare to the FL lifestyle.