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i'd like to invite you to our chat Tuesday night at 7:30 central.  It's a great place to get any questions answered you may have and perhaps I can help you with any struggles you may be having making the transition to FLFLS.  Feel free to message me anytime as well.


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I would like to restart the 6WBMO plan.... are you ladies doing it?

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Hi. I restarted the program again just over two weeks ago over at the Spark People 6WBMO Team.  Had to make a few tweaks due to medical issues, but other than that, it's working out great.  

I'm looking for a more active forum of  6WBMO users.  I really miss the forum where there was also someone posting and cheerleading support (Rah Rah Rah!!).

I've been very successful with the 6WBMO each time I've used it.  The problem is the maintenance phase (living lean).  I've learned that there needs to be a transition from the reduction phase and a solid plan for maintenance.  

There was a 6WBMO forum (before MT passed away) called "beyond six weeks."  That concept makes so much sense to me now.  It's all about maintaining a lifestyle after the 6 (or more) weeks of weight reduction.

So I'm working on that living lean plan now.  This way, I will never need to "restart" again.  I keep going.  

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I am bummed!  I was on the old forum several years ago.  I loved the challenges, the little icon awards we got, etc.  It was such a help on losing weight.  I am sad to see that it no longer exists.  That really bites.....  Is there something else like that?  I need the visuals and the challenges to help.

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Welcome to the community KelliB!  I would encourage you start a blog and post your journey.  Sharing is a great motivator and it will keep you accountable.  Also, join us weekly in the chat room to meet other Food Lovers and gain tips and support.  Message me if I can ever be of help!!


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I started my blog but am not understanding this whole site.  It is difficult to navigate and find what I need.  Not sure I will stay.  Why didn't it stay the same?