5 Way Metabolic Fat Fighter™
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I just started this program ..on day 4. Has anyone tried this supplement?  Does it really help? 

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Thanks, Mart,

That was helpful. I also opted out, because I read the reviews on it, on Web MD. Plus, I have tried so many of these supplements and all I seem to have from the experience is less money. Trying hard to get what I need from food and like a multi-vitamin and an extra Vitamin D. I am finishing Week 4 and am more active than I have been in the last couple of years. Really enjoying this.

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I take a one a day multi vitamin  and a calcium tablet prescribed by doctor last year after  my auto accident,also I am taking  a fish,flax and borage oil tablets and dont see any big difference..Also I was taking the 5 way fat fighter only thing I noticed it has caffeine in them and it curves  my hunger which I dont need cause then I dont want to eat which you gotta on fl program...My coffee does enough curving for me.cant  do both together or I get feeling ill cause of  a caffeine rush..

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Thanks for the info.  I already take other supplements so think I'll skip these for now.