100% Food Lovers Plates
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Hey Roselady and Fluttershee!  Glad to see you are doing well with the program!  I had noticed also, Fluttershee that the Dave's bread came up as a slow carb.....I'm submitting an email for clarification but it should be a fast carb....bread is always a fast carb.  I'll get back with you on this one.  Join me Thursday night this week in the chat room at 7:30pm central.  I want to hear how well you are doing! 

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I personally add a scoop of vanilla protein powder to my oatmeal or cereal every morning.  You want to use one that's FL friendly and has 5 or less carbs.   There's some that taste really good.  

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was wondering if this protein powder is  compliant? Body Tech Whey Protein Isolate.......I think all requirements match, but it says "Do not use for weight reduction" under the nutrition facts and was fount in the muscle building area. In the weight management area nothing matched the requirements. Confused.

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Yes, Broman.  That protein powder should be fine.  You want it to have 5 or less carbs and 12-15 grams of protein.  What I would do as a female, would be to only use 1/2 serving.  The one I looked at has 120 calories and 25 grams protein...so you would be getting 12.5 grams protein with the 1/2 serving which would be enough for a fat burning snack.  With other items in your meal...it would certainly be enough as well.