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Sue ~ when I went to the new thread they made up, there was nowhere to click reply.  So I just started a new thread.  Hope this works...lol

I've moved the below posts to this new thread in case they delete the other one.  It's the message from the Admin that got posted while I was writing mine, then mine that you may or may not get to read, then my reply to Admin.  Just so you're not confused...lol

Hello 6WBM members! We are happy you've found the FL forums and are able to temporarily regroup while we fix the technical issue in the 6WBM forums (a few hiccups have occurred but we are working on a solution!). Because our FLFLS forums have members on the 7 Day Sizedown and FLFLS, we are going to move this discussion into a separate thread- so it is easier to identify and will not cause any confusion to our existing members. All conversations will be moved to the "6WBM" thread under the Community thread. Thank you!

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Well, I'm at mom's now so I can type normal...lol. Glad you're over your pity party.  I think I'm the one attending now....lol.  As I said, I'm stalled out. But it's not like I don't know what's causing it.  I haven't been drinking as much water, I have let too many hours go in between meals which I'm sure is slowing down my metab, I'm not going to the gym like I was, and I've had wine a few times while sitting on my porch grilling out.

So there's no one to blame but myself.  It's just that after 3 months of staying almost POP, I'm getting kinda sick of hardly any results.  Even if I AM doing some things off plan, I would still think the right things would have more impact, yano?

As far as your knee, I don't know exactly where yours hurts, but mine is in the front, like around the kneecap, and especially hurts when I go down steps.  Not up them, but just down.  And the leg extensions and curls hurt, too.  

I did some research and found that if you develop your quads more than the glutes or even develop one of those muscles unevenly, that THAT can effect the muscles and ligaments that hold the kneecap in place, which made sense to me. I ran out of time the nite i was googling but there's a name for it.  Patella something, which the patella is the kneecap, I think.  

This injury was being discussed by runners on a runner's forum.  But they had also been doing weight training like you and I have been doing.  I thought about going to my ortho doc and having him send me to PT so they could show me the EXACT way to use the machines and what muscles to focus on. 

Because I noticed that, for example, if I turn my feet with toes point out when I do presses, it doesn't hurt.  So that means I'm working different muscles within the quad muscle group (at least that what I surmised...lol).

Or, for another example, I noticed when I adjusted the back of the seat for the leg curls, I finally felt it in my quads, which is where I should, and not in another part of my leg (I don't remember where....just I was amazed that moving the seat a notch or two made that much difference).

So my point is, no one showed me exactly how to use the equipment and altho I had a general idea and there are pics and instructions, maybe I am still doing them wrong. I know from researching what type exercises to do, several times they spoke of "toes in" or "toes out" with the bodybuilding stuff.  But since I'm not bodybuilding, I didn't pay much attention to it what it was all about.

But it's the same as doing overhead presses with wide grip vs close grip....I notice a big difference there, too, as to which muscles start to hurt.

I also read that the old rule of doing less weight/more reps for toning is not actually true.  That if you are able to do a lot of reps (like 15 or 20) without feeling muscle fatigue, then you aren't stressing the muscle enough to change it's shape, which is what we are trying to achieve. 

Said you should still use a lighter weight but that by the time you get to the 8th rep that you should be starting to feel like you can't go to the 13th reps.  That 12 is ALL you can do and that's with a lot of effort.  That way, the muscles have been stressed and challenged.  I was wondering why I hadn't been "feeling it" the day after working out.  I remembered that years ago, I'd really feel it the next day, which is how it should be.  Not in pain, but feeling it.  Like you'd done something new with your muscles.

Made sense to me.  I really am pissed that the trainer never got back in touch with me.  I'm sure I could have learned a lot.  So that's why I just might use a PT to teach me.  I  just hate going to the dr.  Plus, my ortho doc is no longer taking Humana (makes no sense to me....he's in my book) so I have to find another. 

And they aren't all good.  I learned that the hard way when having to switch drs to get cortisone shots in my thumbs for arthritis.  My old doc knew exactly where to stick in the needle and hit the right spot after taking an X-ray.  The new one used this new-fangled machine that let him see where he was sticking the needle while he was doing it (like an X-ray but it was live action) and he apparently didn't hit the right spot because I got never got relief. 

But it cost me an arm and a leg because insurance didn't cover all of the cost for that machine, which I didn't know he was going to use so I wasn't prepared for that bill.  Over $100 if I remember.  I was really pissed.  So was mom.  She had her knee done and it never helped her either. 

Sounds like you're a researcher, to :)  That is amazing about the fat cells.  Kinda makes you confused as to what you should be doing.  That's how I feel about working out.  My middle upper back started hurting, also.  About 2 weeks ago.  So I have been going to the chiropractor.  He didn't say I had injured it, tho.  It was just that the muscles weren't used to being exercised and that ALL the upper body machines I use, in some way or another, also use those back muscles. So that's another expense.  Working out is expensive....lol!!

Hahaha...you are right about mint. It's horribly "invasive" and IS very hard to get rid of.  I had it in a hanging basket and it overwintered and came back after I had planted other stuff in it the next year.  Messed up my planting design....lol.

I don't know if this applies to your greens or not, but when I get a big bag of kale, I cook the whole thing then freeze some of it.  Oh, I bet you're talking about fresh lettuces and such that you use in salads.  Yep, that's why I hardly ever buy stuff for salads.  Goes bad too fast. 

I know you like organic so you would prolly stay away from this, but I found that Farm Fresh grocery stores (do you have those?) have an awesome salad bar with 3 kinds of greens and spinach. It also has chicken, which is nice when I caught somewhere without any food and it's time to eat.  I just go sit in my car.  I still haven't figured out if it's white meat or thigh meat...lol....but I figure every once in a while won't hurt me.  Of course, I can't stay away from the Blue Cheese dressing so it's not totally POP  :)

I commend you for continuing the gym!! I was so 'high on life' from going that I don't understand where my drive went.  Well....being hurt kinda discouraged me, but that doesn't mean I can't go work on abs.  So GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

When I have time, I'm gonna try to make up a template like Nancy did for our challenge.  I know it's just you and me for now, but maybe the other girls will join in.  I emailed everyone I had addresses for (the ones in the email about this forum) about what Judy had said about calling them and got replies but no one mentioned joining in over here.  I think everyone is still hoping our forum will get fixed. I am doubtful.  And in the meantime, I don't want to lose my focus.  You all have helped me sooo much to stick with this. 

Well, gotta go lay mom's porch carpet.  That will be fun....NOT!  It's so hard for me to get down on the floor while I cut it to fit around her columns.  I need a stool so then I'm bending at my waist and it's hard to breath while I'm doing that.

Bye for now,Bonnie

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THANK YOU ADMIN!!!  We had not gotten word that it was being fixed. WE have all been in the dark as to if it was going to come back up and have been lost.  Most everyone else had been just waiting to see. 

YOU JUST MADE MY DAY !!!!  I will tell the others and will go and find the 6WBMO thread.  Again, thank you very much !!!!!!! I truly appreciate your reply :)



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Sue....if you come back here and also read other thread, I think I'm confused....sorry.  Appears I could have replied to other thread (or else they fixed it...most likely I'm corn-fused...lol) so just ignore all this and use other thread if the other site isn't up.

Donna just told me it was!!  gonna go check out now

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Bonnie? Is that you? I finally found my password to get into this site.

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