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21 Day Metabolism Makeover, Food Lovers For LifeFrom the first 21 Days to maintaining your weight loss FOR LIFE. · last update: 56 days ago
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7 Day SizedownMotivation and Support for the 7 Day Sizedown · last update: 96 days ago
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Find A Buddy · last update: 161 days ago
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Overcoming PlateausHitting a plateau will happen eventually, we'll help you overcome it. · last update: 367 days ago
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Food Lovers - FAQ'sFrequently Asked Questions about the Food Lovers Program · last update: 22 days ago
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Success StoriesShare your SUCCESS!! · last update: 421 days ago
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Answers from Dr. Wortham!Dr. Keller Wortham is a physician specializing in the treatment of obesity and medical consultant for the Food Lovers Fat Loss System and he’s eager to answer your questions! To ask him a question, send an email to If he ch · last update: 399 days ago
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