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Hey jeffeyplowe, I'll try to help.  There's a pretty large list in the kit for slow carbs and fast carbs.  Any particu
6 Days Ago
Recently purchased the plan and a week in have lost 5 lbs. My question after looking through all of the books is this. You ta
8 Days Ago
Thank you Jackie! I will use them as a fast carb then. Hope to meet up with you in the chat room at some point. I will put it
68 Days Ago
Glad your computer is up and running!  If they are bread and butter....they will be sweetened therefore they are a fast carb.
68 Days Ago
Thank you! Just one more question. What if they are homemade Bread and butter pickles? I buy them from a company out of Colum
69 Days Ago
Hi Sailboat! I have the recipe! 1lb 93% lean ground turkey 6 Cups (2 26 oz jars) Classico Tomato Basil spaghett
91 Days Ago
I have lost my recipe card for the lasagna (comfort food -- ha ha it is really great).  Does anyone have it?
93 Days Ago
Welcome back!  Glad you are ready to move forward with your health and weight loss.  Pickles are a fast carb if they are swee
96 Days Ago
I lost a ton of weight on this program but then had some family problems and my own health problems. I am now going back onto
97 Days Ago
Michele, Honey would be a fast carb in the FL lifestyle.  A serving would be 1 TBS.  I often use it in making a snack with my
125 Days Ago