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Thank you Jackie! I will use them as a fast carb then. Hope to meet up with you in the chat room at some point. I will put it
11 Days Ago
Glad your computer is up and running!  If they are bread and butter....they will be sweetened therefore they are a fast carb.
11 Days Ago
Thank you! Just one more question. What if they are homemade Bread and butter pickles? I buy them from a company out of Colum
12 Days Ago
Hi Sailboat! I have the recipe! 1lb 93% lean ground turkey 6 Cups (2 26 oz jars) Classico Tomato Basil spaghett
34 Days Ago
I have lost my recipe card for the lasagna (comfort food -- ha ha it is really great).  Does anyone have it?
36 Days Ago
Welcome back!  Glad you are ready to move forward with your health and weight loss.  Pickles are a fast carb if they are swee
39 Days Ago
I lost a ton of weight on this program but then had some family problems and my own health problems. I am now going back onto
40 Days Ago
Michele, Honey would be a fast carb in the FL lifestyle.  A serving would be 1 TBS.  I often use it in making a snack with my
68 Days Ago
Hello - what would you categorize liquid honey as and how much for male and female if allowed?
74 Days Ago
Fela0205, If customer service can't help you out....I'd be happy to! JackieD.
110 Days Ago