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I don't know if any of you are around..but i've dusted off my old 6BM manual and plan on starting in a few days.  From what i
21 Days Ago
Welcome to the community, Beana!  Glad you are with us!  Stay connected here in the blogs and message board.  It will help ke
42 Days Ago
Hi I've been doing the F.L Program for about 5 weeks now. Ive never been on a website like this before. Ive followed the prog
43 Days Ago
It's Tuesday night.....I'm in the chat room 7:30 pm central until ??.....drop in and bring your questions or share your journ
84 Days Ago
I started on the 6WBM after seeing Michael's informercial around 2003. I was shocked to hear of his passing in 2013. Does any
103 Days Ago
Ok thanks !
108 Days Ago
KellyGann, The audio can be purchased on Amazon also.  This may be same as what your you were being directed to but worth loo
108 Days Ago
tbell, if you are adding "free" carbs  you will be fine.  The online is programmed to a "set" number which doesn't allow for
108 Days Ago
I would like to add more vegetables into my meals and every time I add greens such as a cup of salad greens or spinach it say
111 Days Ago
Hi, I'm Linda - I'm going back on the program also.
116 Days Ago