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Have you checked with customer service?  If they can't help you out message me....I have a copy and can help you out.
24 Days Ago
Hey JessieJ!  Food Lovers is an amazing lifestyle and so fact I have been doing it since 2009!!  If you haven't
24 Days Ago
Team - I lost my 7 day sizedown booklet.  Does anyone know where I obtain another one or can someone send me a photo o
29 Days Ago
Hi. This is jessie from dallas. Since summer is coming and I must lose weight to wear my beautiful dresses. Could anyone give
29 Days Ago
That sounds delicious! I used the 6WBMO program years ago and I'm starting again. Taste is what really matters
34 Days Ago
Thanks for sharing the rub recipe.  Sounds really good and it will fit well with the FL lifestyle too!  I'd love for you to j
38 Days Ago
Hello everyone! was previously on the OLD 6WBM Forum (many..many years ago).  Just wanting to connect with other folks, like
44 Days Ago
AWESOME!!!   Go to Spark people and look up ”Michael Thurmond’s 6-week Body Makeover “SparkTeam. There are about 5 of
51 Days Ago
I'm in.... I will see if I can find you all on Facebook. I find this format a bit cumbersome. Stay POP :) Lope58
52 Days Ago
Hello!!!   I am glad to find this and YES! It is very sad that Provida did not have the foresight to save all the awesome inf
54 Days Ago