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Yes, Broman.  That protein powder should be fine.  You want it to have 5 or less carbs and 12-15 grams of protein.  What I wo
2 Hours Ago
was wondering if this protein powder is  compliant? Body Tech Whey Protein Isolate.......I think all requirements match, but
1 Day Ago
Hey JP!  Glad you are back!  I'm still here in the community.  As most of it is online now...I think it's important to still
4 Days Ago
Hello,  Is anyone updating on this forum or is it all via the online program now.  I've done this program befo
4 Days Ago
Welcome to Food Lovers!  You will love it!  I did the 21 day metabolism makeover 9 yrs ago and been following it since!  It's
11 Days Ago
Hi,  i am 69, female just starting 21 Day Metabolism Makeover. 
11 Days Ago
I was a POP member of the 6WMB program 6-05 thru 11-05 and lost 55 lb.    It was the most useful and successful program I'd e
14 Days Ago
Jenn that is awesome!  You are really doing well.  I love how you asked the waitress to fix your meal without oil.  One thing
53 Days Ago
I was looking for a blog that I could touch base with every day to just cheer each other on.  Couldn't find one so I'm starti
54 Days Ago
So end of october I signed up for the online program.  No reply to phone or emails for weeks, no access to online and now I'm
66 Days Ago