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Thank you, Jackie!
50 Minutes Ago
Its hard to post things....extremely hard to find a 'buddy'.  I think its dumb to not itemized the profiles by state, but ins
9 Hours Ago
Thank you, Jackie; I think it worked.
10 Hours Ago
I see the avatar.  To set your avatar using a on the photo tab...then My Albums in the upper right.  Chose the pi
13 Hours Ago
Welcome to the community ShyGirl!  I want to invite you to join me in the chat room on Tuesday evening for my weekly live cha
14 Hours Ago
Hi...can everyone see my profile pic?  I only see the avatar..yet when I click on I see the photo.  What does everyone else s
1 Day Ago
Hi I am Rina; I live in Joshua, Tx.  I am on day-14 and I am supposed to come online here at Food Lovers and find a buddy.  I
1 Day Ago
Thanks - I'm determined and going to do it right this time! I'm not sure where to blog - how does that work? Tracyj0716, it w
9 Days Ago
Hi - What is the 7 day size-down?
9 Days Ago
Hi - Thanks for the response. I did do the 21 day makeover and since the beginning, almost six weeks ago, I have now lost 5.2
9 Days Ago