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So end of october I signed up for the online program.  No reply to phone or emails for weeks, no access to online and now I'm
11 Days Ago
I originally purchased the 6 week body makeover, I had success, but am looking to go back on the program again.  Anyone out t
12 Days Ago
Welcome back, Cheryl!  I'll be in the chat room tonight at 7:30 central.  Hope you can join me.  I'd love to chat and be your
12 Days Ago
Hi. I'm back. I have extreme adrenal fatigue. I moved to DE from ME for 13 days and found out I had to go back to ME i
14 Days Ago
I used the original 6wbmo too! I lost over 100# my hubby over 60#. We lived great for a few then slowly back to the old ways
26 Days Ago
I hope this is the one you are wanting.... Garlic Chicken Stir-Fry 2 tsp. extra virgin olive oil
27 Days Ago
 i am doing the 7 day slimdown and lost the stir fry recipe card...anyway to get it?
31 Days Ago
Hello Stargazer.  I, too, tried to discontinue the program but could not get a reply after at least a dozen phone calls place
32 Days Ago
Hey Stargazer....let me see if I can help.  I know they are on Pacific time ....not sure where you are but let me see if I ca
32 Days Ago
i have been trying for months to contact support to cancel my account but continue to be billed. I have called and emailed mu
35 Days Ago