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cinsmith I have the cards and the 7 Day Size Down booklet.  Let me know if I can help.  Join me on Tuesday evenings in the ch
5 Days Ago
I may need help with that too. Mine came as recipe cards instead of a booklet and I've lost several of the cards included. 
11 Days Ago
Jackie, no this didn't have anything to do with plateaus or boosting; the program materials I received had two phases, the 21
11 Days Ago
auroraivy, They are on Pacific time and I have found it's easier to reach them in the afternoon hours.  I am always in
32 Days Ago
Has anyone been able to contact the company? When I call I just get a VM box. The chat is never active. My emails bounced bac
37 Days Ago
cinsmith, you are talking about "boosting" where you would add a serving of a protein or fast carb to a meal.  As long as you
40 Days Ago
You can look up the nutritional info on
44 Days Ago
I've used this system before and always lost during the first 21 days but afterwards when you go into the maintenance part an
44 Days Ago
Hey jeffeyplowe, I'll try to help.  There's a pretty large list in the kit for slow carbs and fast carbs.  Any particu
75 Days Ago
Recently purchased the plan and a week in have lost 5 lbs. My question after looking through all of the books is this. You ta
77 Days Ago