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Hey Bella54!  Glad you are giving the lifestyle another try.  I've been following it since 2009.  I'm still in the community.
1 Day Ago
Hi I'm kind of new here too. I did this a few years back. I noticed all the posts I look through are really old and was wonde
4 Days Ago
Thanks for the ideas Dandelion I will try those!
4 Days Ago
Hi. I was wondering if Atkins shakes are ok to drink I have some left and they are 200 cal and 15 g protein .I was going to d
4 Days Ago
Hi bella54, I hope you found recipes for your ground meat. I usually make a meat loaf or stuff peppers with mine. You can the
10 Days Ago
Hi everyone, does anyone have any good recipes for ground beef? I have a lot of it and I am trying to make some of it and I'm
11 Days Ago
This weeks chat will be rescheduled for Thursday Dec. 27th at 7:30 central due to the Christmas holiday.  Come join me and br
30 Days Ago
37 Days Ago
I forgot my password for the community, so they sent me a password to get on, but how do I change it to what I want it
38 Days Ago
I am starting this program again. I remember having a granola recipe before, but can't seem to find it. Does anyone remember
43 Days Ago