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Hello,  My name is Sally and I am the CEO of ASia Pop Fitness. I am an aerobics instructor. I use the 6bm.  I
5 Days Ago
I'm also looking for the recipe cards. I lost mine somehow and would love it if someone would share them with me. Thanks.
6 Days Ago
I've been fed up with my weight for a while and decided to pull out my old 6WBM kit. I logged on to see if the company was st
8 Days Ago
  I started on the 6WBM after seeing Michael's informercial around 2003. I was shocked to hea
9 Days Ago
My husband and I did the 6wbmo back in 2002 (I think) with great success and have just purchased the entire kit again since w
9 Days Ago
So here is my problem, I get up at 3:15 am and have to be at work at 4:00 am until 2:30 pm sometimes later with no breaks or
11 Days Ago
Welcome to the community.  Though I have not personally used the 6wkbmo.....I do follow the FLFLS and have since 2009.  It's
15 Days Ago
We are going back on the program now. 6WBMO was the only thing that worked for me and felt like I was not yo yo dieting, but
19 Days Ago
Cindy,   Did you measure when you started?  You may be losing inches now and not pounds....this means you are replacin
21 Days Ago
I use to buy a large cup of coffee every day from my local coffee shop. Sometimes twice a day. It tastes great, I love
21 Days Ago