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You are correct.  With the updates a few years ago it was found that blueberries fall closer to the fast carb range.  I also
3 Days Ago
Thank you JackieD!!!  It really helps to have a goal of protein to go by. The serving of cereal I had plus the milk was 13 gr
4 Days Ago go by the serving size on the box.  To optimize mine, I add enough protein powder or a side of egg whites to get a
5 Days Ago
I have always wondered this. A bowl of cereal is a fat loss plate, but what is the serving size for the cereal? Do you go by
5 Days Ago
JackieD,  Thank you for responding I appreciate it.  My email is ph
12 Days Ago
Philing let me see if I can help you....message me your user name and the email you use to sign in and I will pass it on.  
12 Days Ago
My FoodLoversOnline account keeps showing Temporarily Inactive, contact customer care. I don't know what the problem
12 Days Ago
Stance, i'd like to invite you to our chat Tuesday night at 7:30 central.  It's a great place to get any questions ans
23 Days Ago
How is it going on the 6WBM. I did it many years ago but can't find my books so purchased the Foodlovers. I've been on it for
25 Days Ago
Garlic has always been a part of our traditional food recipe. My grand father used to add garlic in most of the dishes and th
26 Days Ago