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  •  doc69: 
    are you still on the program?
     1668 days ago 
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  •  doc69: 
    yes, but not having much luck with it?
     1668 days ago 
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  •  doc69: 
    Hi Carmella
    As you can see Gail and I are doing this food lovers program together, hopefully we will start to loose a few pounds on this next series, we are starting all over again.
    We hope you will find some loss of weight or at least some inces, we arent going to give up for sure, I know that we need more excersie for sure, and now that the darn snow is finally going we can get our bicicles on the road soon.
    What do you do for exercise?
    You take care and it was great to hear from you, take care and loose lots
    Gary and Gail Smale
     1728 days ago 
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  •  Carmella: 
    Hi Doc, Nice to meet you. Are you new to Food Lovers also?
     1738 days ago 
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