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Need to Lose 100 pounds
United States

I am a major food lover so most diets cause me to freak out and gain the weight back. I have tried so many diets but I believe this one is going to work.  Four years ago I lost 80 pounds and gained it all back and more. I was almost ready to give up. Two years ago I started my new fitness journey and began sharing it on facebook Dieting Diva TNT. I was lowering my calories and exercising but not focusing on nutrition.  I did well for the first year and the second year I started hitting a slump.  My mom was praying for me and she heard about Food Lovers Fat Fighting System om T.V. She felt it would help me so she bought it for me. I begin the program on Aug. 10, 2016. I am very excited and very hopeful. I am also writing a book about my weight loss journey.  I have struggled with obesity for the last 12 years since going through a stressful divorce.  I was thin and healthy till I was over thirty. I was very skinny as a child and I ate alot of food. My mom gave us balanced meals and limited our junk food in a reasonable way. 

My goal is to be as close to 125 lbs as I can be
Handling My Weight This Year!
Starting a Whole New Me
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  •  dietingdiva: 
    Wow thank you so much. I missed the chat time, but I have been active in the group. I have been made so welcome. I hope you will check out my facebook page Dieting Diva TNT to see more pictures
     1043 days ago 
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  •  Journey: 
    Hi dietingdiva, so glad to befriend you, and so happy you are joining us for the 21 day Metabolism Makeover. Join us in the chat room tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m. (EST) with Jackie. We are going to talk about the 21 day, etc which starts the next day. You will really enjoy sharing with us and listening to Jackie. Just go to chat and allow and you are in. See you then! Journey
     1045 days ago 
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