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On a quest to age gracefully and in good health!
United States
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  •  debbspink: 
    Wahoo! I broke the 170 ceiling! Down now to 167! My first goal is in sight 152 only 15 pounds more to go!
     1594 days ago 
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  •  debbspink: 
    Finally weighed in at 170! Hope to break the 170's and get into the 160"s! The holidays are upon us. I hope to do well during this season!
     1848 days ago 
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  •  debbspink: 
    Finally hit 170! Hope to break the ceiling this week and be in the 160's for this next leg of my journey!
     1852 days ago 
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  •  debbspink: 
    Day 21 today and got some mixed news! My weight stayed virtually the same. 177.2 but my percent body fat, my fat weight went down and my lean body mass went up! I am smaller in my neck, biceps, forearms, wrist, waist, hips, and larger in my calves. I have always had proportionally skinny calves. Feel pretty good with the results. I understand that it took a long time to get in my current condition and do not expect quick results but love the direction I am going. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!
     1938 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  roffylove: 
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     1943 days ago 
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