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  •  danwkana: 
    This is day 15 of the 21 day makeover for me and I have done OK even though I may have got about three things right so far, My 70+ year old mom came over to visit and bought some sweets for everybody and the saltiest butteriest popcorn available yesterday and I fell off the wagon even today, I was so proud of my will power till then and that's all it took, I have no income to buy what is allowed and on day 22 I am starting all over on the same program and this time I will read everything, with luck I will do it right this time, I tried to stay off the scale till day 21 but I had a doc appointment and they had me weight, so the 266 LBS I weighed from the start never went away but my belt has to be tightened up a bit
     1833 days ago 
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