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  •  JackieD: 
    Did you get a response from Admin? They emailed me back and said they had activated your account and was starting your online is the response they sent:

    Hi Jackie,

    I have sent the registration email to this customer. We have also made it so her trial period starts todday.

    Let me know if you need anything further.
     224 days ago 
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  •  constong: 
    Hello. I received this program last year and lost 26 lbs. I loaned the books that came with the program to a friend and she moved out of town and took the books with her. Now I want to start again but I don't have the books. I only have the CD's. I signed up for the three week free trial and was supposed to receive an e-mail for instructions to complete the registration but never received the e-mail. I have been calling the number for customer service for several days and left several messages but have not gotten a response and I can't log in online. My three weeks has already started and my card will be charged at the end. Can someone tell me if this program is legitimate? HELP
     225 days ago 
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