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I am a 26 year old woman who has an amazing husband and two wonderful boys. I belong to a great church that i enjoy going to every time the doors are open. Honestly i have struggled with weight my entire life. I can always remember being one of the biggest in my class growing up. i had my first son and slimmed down to a great size.  i was a little uncomfortable with my weight but it was something i could live with. I found out in 2010 that i had lupus so i had to start taking steriods and lots of medicine to get it under control. my weight stayed about the same and i was fine. 2014 after i had my 2nd son i got really sick. my lupus was still at its normal stage. they didnt know what else it could be. test after test everything come back normal. my symptoms were only getting worse. 3 months later i was diagnoised with fibromyalgia. I went from being this independent woman who could work through anything to completely broken. My whole life had flipped over after having a newborn and toddler. i was and still am exhausted. As of today i am a whooping 310lbs. i can barely stand to be in my own skin. So here i am after countless diet pills and waisted time trying another system.

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    Briwal2 hope you will give us a chance. Please join us with Jackie on Thursday this week at 8:30 pm eastern time. Usually the chat is on Tuesdays. Go to chat and click on the word and then press allow and you will be in. We talk about our lives, Fl and our ups and downs. We share and ask questions. I could not make it without the other ladies, and Jackie's great support. You have serious health problems but I have heard some really serious situations. Fl's a way of life and I can fix food for myself or my family. Go to members and go into their profiles and read their stories and then ask to buddy with ones you feel you can relate to or who may help you. Read the blogs and write on the blogs. Share and ask for help. Get connected. It is great to know you are not alone. Hope you will give us a try. Hang in there.
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