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Hi it's me again doing my thing as usual a good news and I got the new nutribullet rx boy if you haven't tried this you should try it I've been making up my smoothie and you know it comes with a smoothie recipe book right now I've been making up my own smo
gjaholy33 · 1632 days ago

So it's been awhile but I've been busy. So my new personal trainer just finished working me out and boy resistance training is something else. My body hurts like crazy. But it's a good hurt. I signed up for 10 more sessions pray for me that I keep it up an
gjaholy33 · 1679 days ago

Praise'm, Thanking God for allowing me to see another glorious day. I'm starting my 21 days again on the Food lovers program not because I was unsuccessful because surprisingly I had some amazing results according to the scale I lost 41lbs and 5 inches.
gjaholy33 · 1808 days ago

Hi, I have been hiatus for a while so I started back up this week by joining the online program and I have to say as one who loves to cook I found the online food lovers to be awesome because when you try to eat something that is not quite correct it catch
gjaholy33 · 1829 days ago

Hi Fatloss Buddies, It has truly been awhile so I just checking in to let you know that I am still going strong, especially making my delicious fat loss smoothies. . .LOL, and eating my fat loss plates. I got some bad health news a month ago that got me re
gjaholy33 · 1899 days ago

So as some of you call me the "SMOOTHIE QUEEN" because I love trying out different smoothies.   Here's another one to try:   Berry-Spinach Smoothie 1/2 cup of OJ 1 scoup of Nutribotic chocolate rice protein powder (or your favorite) 2 tsp of ground flaxsee
gjaholy33 · 1991 days ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  This is just a little note to inform you that I will be starting the workout challenge up again and if you will like to participate please reply to: subject: Getting Fit For Jesus  so I can add you to the list o
gjaholy33 · 2001 days ago

The Challenge is 15-30 minute workout with video or walking. I would like you to Alternate one day walking and one day video workout. Because this challenge is till the end of the month you may want to take different routes and change your workout videos s
gjaholy33 · 2120 days ago

Praise'm So I am really missing my trainer whom I can no longer afford and although he said he will continue to work with me in his spare time that has not happen as yet, you know what they say, money talks. Anyway I was suppose to get on the scale yesterd
gjaholy33 · 2134 days ago

Praise'm, Today is the 20th day of the challenge. How are you doing?? Have you met any goals you have set for yourself this month? Have you had some slip-ups? If so that is fine. We are not going to be perfect all the time but the main thing is that
gjaholy33 · 2136 days ago
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By God's Grace and Mercy I will succeed at getting to 200lbs!
I started this journey to lose weight back in '03 when I first weighed over 550lbs and was able to lose about 230lbs but wound up gaining back 100lbs in the next 4 years so I started on Feb. '10 when I weighed 476lbs I was slowly heading back up to where
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