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Hello everyone from the past, just stopped in to check out how things were going. This past year has been hard at times but still hanging in there. I have not lost or gained, but not following the snack rule was my problem. Before I dropped off the face of
flash394 · 2137 days ago

Hello to the gang, old and new. As you can see I have been one of the missing. When the weather gets warm this girl gets moving. The new dog that we rescued has kept me quite busy. I walk him 4-5 times a day so getting lots of moving into my exercise plan.
flash394 · 2217 days ago

Well had to take some down time, the eating thing was making things worse. So lets catch up! Well I have a new addition to the family, We rescued a 3 yr old Manchester terrier, looks like a mini Pincsher. He has issues as if we all don't.  I've hired a tr
flash394 · 2289 days ago

Well made it through the weekend with the help of my husband sticking me if I started to resist. Did well and am feeling better, also noting that I'm getting hungry before meal time.. Boy today went to doctor and it seems on my way to another bank of injec
flash394 · 2333 days ago

Laid in my good healthy foods, spend Thursday playing the hunter, gathering of all my stuff that I need Going into preparing stuff to eat when I don't feel like it. I'm setting alarm reminder on phone just to remind me to get something to eat. So using al
flash394 · 2336 days ago

It's been a little while since I've posted. Well with all the stuff resurfacing with eating disorder threw me for a loop. When you are trying your best to eat Right only to have your brain tell you something else is hard to deal with. So trying to get bac
flash394 · 2338 days ago

Well I'm glad I was able to take a break to focus on my demons. I was just trying to do the basic again so it was like starting over. Never thought that eating was going to be my problem after all these years. But discovered that they can rear back up. Eno
flash394 · 2352 days ago

I can report that feeling better and getting my head back into the game. when you have suffered from eating disorders they can have a way of creeping back into your life without invitation. With as busy as I was, trying to be superwoman, I forgot to make s
flash394 · 2362 days ago

Resetting the subconscious and the Fog is going! Boy when you deal with eating disorders in your life you never know when they are going to crawl back out of the dark depths of your mind. Before eating disorders had names I was full blown member, I remembe
flash394 · 2366 days ago

I had realized that I had stopped listening to my cds over the past month. These cds had became a part of my nightly relaxation practice. When I got lazy and busy so the practice feel away, funny things started to happen very slowly at first. But seemed to
flash394 · 2367 days ago
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