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Anyone have any comments or experience with this product? There are 209 "reviews" but there doesn't seem to be a way to view them. Thanks.
fewerlbs · 1848 days ago

I've completed the 21 day mm and am starting over. I am really frustrated though. I do feel a small difference but not a lot. I lost 2.6lbs. Haven't had a chance to measure yet. I had thought I was doing so good but apparently not. I use the online program
fewerlbs · 1849 days ago

I am still doing the 21 day mm. I work from home so I'm always lounging around in a sundress or something comfortable. Since I've done this before I started the 21 day mm with the fast track doing fat loss plates and adhering to all the rules right from da
fewerlbs · 1856 days ago

Today I made the Greek Feta and Tomato Pasta from the recipes list in the online program. It is shown as having a protein, fast carb, slow carb and fat. Isn't that a fat loss plate? Why would this recipe show that? There is no protein in it that I can see.
fewerlbs · 1859 days ago

Is there a way to search for a member by their name (avatar? name??)? I searched in the People Search under Members tab and searched for members who use the online program and only 4 members came up in the search results. Is that correct or was it telling
fewerlbs · 1860 days ago

It seems pretty quiet on here. Is there a different area where there might be more activity? Maybe in the message boards? I don't want to miss anything. I love the "community" and it's really helpful to me. Any suggestions or comments?
fewerlbs · 1860 days ago

Hey, I've had some technical issues and was not able to delete my profile photo although I did delete it from my "album". I am pretty certain that I have been able to change my profile photo in the past and another member told me she was able to change or
fewerlbs · 1861 days ago

Yesterday I got 5 spinning plates. It was a great day. It's like saving money, the more you do it the more you want to keep doing it. So, my goal for today is to have 5 spinning plates as well. It may be tough because I'm going to an event downtown where t
fewerlbs · 1861 days ago

Several of my blogs have not posted. This is a test.
fewerlbs · 1862 days ago

I'm pissed to be perfectly blunt. I paid for this online program and it's not working correctly. I put in a tech support request on August 4th and August 5th for issues I am having. I have not heard ONE word from anyone and nothing is fixed. That a patheti
fewerlbs · 1864 days ago
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