Well I hate to say this.... I have not signed on in 177 days. I would like to be able to say that for the 177 days I have been a good girl and stayed on my life style change. That I look and feel so much better but I can't. I feel weak and like I failed. I
betbug · 1039 days ago

Well I should have posted about day one but to be short about it.....I did have my morning snack but left my afternoon snack then had to work overtime with no notice so I missed dinner at church and ended up eating one chicken strip and going to bed.  Toda
betbug · 1216 days ago

We only have a few more days before the 21 days MM starts with Jackie!!  I am so happy to sign up for this because I do better when I am working with others. I know I need a refresher because I know things have somehow gotten back into my daily diet.....ho
betbug · 1224 days ago

Funny how you letting things just kind of show back up. I noticed I have not been feeling as well as I had and just thought it was because I had not been planning like I had but when I did my planning for the week I notice I have been getting sugar with so
betbug · 1231 days ago

Please tell me I am not the only one that has a hard time with weekends....I don't get the sleep I need, I don't eat like I should or when I should. Its like you have a few good days and then hello weekend. I guess its one step forward and two back but at
betbug · 1234 days ago

These last few days have been bad....really bad...I mean really, really bad. I have not taken note of anything I have put in my mouth and I have ate anything and everything. I was not going to login to Tuesday chat but I am so glad that I did. these ladies
betbug · 1239 days ago

So I just wrote a post called one step at a time but I am not sure what happened to it.  Maybe it will show up, who knows.  Maybe I did something wrong.
betbug · 1239 days ago

I'm doing this.....
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