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EXERCIZE.  UGH!!! That being said, let's move on to the brain recovery part.  Like the way I breezed right by that? Seriously, I know that to truly lose weight and improve my health I need to "eat less and move more"  as my docs say.  The 12 minute workout
WendyKist · 1152 days ago

Holy moly!  Seven consecutive days and I haven't lied about or deserted the program yet!  This is a record for me!  I don't even really care what the scales say, this is about so much more than weight loss.  For me, it is about losing the fat in my head. 
WendyKist · 1154 days ago

“He who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it.”   Day 6 and all is going pretty well with FL. Had a bit of a problem last night.  Beginning with waking up after 90 minutes of sleep to go to the bathroom and then being unable to get back to sleep until af
WendyKist · 1155 days ago

I didn't know that my coffee consumption counted toward my water.  I'm averaging 15 glasses a day! WOOHOO! I am surprised and impressed with myself for sticking with this program.  More surprised at my honesty in keeping my food journal.  I was never one f
WendyKist · 1156 days ago

FL is going good.  I am quite ill with this cold.  Up most of the night with the cough.  Good thing I don't have to talk to anyone because I have NO voice at all!  Wouldn't be a problem, but my young kittens are used to my voice (in high pitch) and I still
WendyKist · 1157 days ago

Good morning all!  Today is day 3 of FL for me. I think it is going good. Managing to comply with the food program even though my resources are limited. Was in chat with Norman and betbug last night.  A very relaxed and informative conversation.  Thanks to
WendyKist · 1158 days ago

Well, Day 1 went well.  I felt like I was eating every minute of the day!  Getting the timing down is a challenge; I ended up having my last snack barely an hour before bed.  Then I couldn't get to sleep.:(  Finally fell asleep around 12:30am and up again
WendyKist · 1159 days ago

Today is day one and I'm feeling a bit nervous and a bit excited, which is actually typical for me when I begin a new food program. As usual, I want to have all of my 'ducks in a row' before I begin.  I want to have all of the shopping lists and all of the
WendyKist · 1160 days ago
One day is all I can live at a time.
Sorting through the fat between my ears....
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