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Yes, I paid the price yesterday in a very painful way on my way back from business trip. I was forced to go to the nearest Medical emergency center and still 2 and half hours from home.  Out of the blue, I was starting to deal with severe pain as I'm drivi
StormanNorman · 871 days ago

Hi All, Things are good and enjoy video.  New Contigo Mug I have been using: New Electric Kettle I got to make great tea:
StormanNorman · 893 days ago

My wife has asked me to help with the grocery list. To get us all in the household eating the food lovers lifestyle again. The problem is I have been on the road a lot more and been asked to cover outside my territory and mostly been home on the weekends.
StormanNorman · 942 days ago

Hi All, Been a long time! Sorry been a little swamped and getting back on track really blew it 5-6 weeks ago and slipped from my food lovers way. Been focusing on my main website . I explain on the video. Have a great week!
StormanNorman · 971 days ago

Hiked part of the Appalachian Trail and up a very steep half mile trail to Clingman's Dome (Highest point of the Smoky Mountains) about over a month ago. Used a 360 degree camera to test out. Great work out and did feel it later that night. Move your mouse
StormanNorman · 1047 days ago

Hello All, This evening will my last official chat and as a Moderator for the My Food Lovers Forum site. I want to say thank you to the community for the years of support. My schedule with work, non profit volunteering, medical issues and with family has b
StormanNorman · 1060 days ago

A quick VLog about TV dinners. Great topic brought up from a chat. I will be on vacation starting Friday and dont plan to bring a computer with me so no chat Sunday July 3rd. You can Join Jackie's Chat this evening. Hope this vlog is helpful! Have a Great
StormanNorman · 1093 days ago

During the summer. My breakfast routine changes. Smoothies become almost my breakfast routine. I experiment with different blends either using protein powder or Yogurt. If I dont have smoothie for breakfast I will try to make one for a snack time. If you k
StormanNorman · 1102 days ago

The last two days I had to travel for work but this time to the coastal offices that have beaches. Wilmington and getting ready to open new office in Morehead City. I could never pass up fresh seafood that is caught by the local fishermen and fresh salads.
StormanNorman · 1103 days ago

This evening spent time reading the 7 Day size down mini book. Lets see if I can hit another hole in my belt this week. I will be starting this tomorrow and hope to finish next Sunday. 7 day is good thing for any of you dealing with Plateaus.  First thing
StormanNorman · 1116 days ago
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