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Fitting into jean shorts I have not worn in years (ok so they are a bit snug, however, that reminds me not to sit too much or eat too much). I've been connecting with friends I have not seen in a while.  And my sister, is seriously thinking of moving back
SgrNSpice · 1783 days ago

Sigh!  Been nuts with getting my girl ready for starting High School tomorrow.  I gained a few pound back over the last week, probably due to the crash dieting I did before that.  Its all good I will lose it right away again.  I'm back on track with eating
SgrNSpice · 1786 days ago

Thought this was interesting
SgrNSpice · 1791 days ago

Hi.  So I've finished another dietbet.  I did make my goal, however, I'm not sure that I like how I did it.  I crash dieted at the end and worked out so much I made myself sick.  I know better!  I'm thinking I might take a month off of betting and just get
SgrNSpice · 1791 days ago

In case any of you did not know, it is Marts Birthday! She has been an amazing helper/motivator/inspiration for so many of us. Wishing you an Awesome birthday My friend. :)  :)  :) ~Chrissy
SgrNSpice · 1798 days ago

I have not measured in quite a while so here goes... Since the last time I measured on 5/29 I've lost another 8.25 inches brings me to a total of 27.25 My fat loss Percentage went down 2% for a total of 4% My fat lbs are down 9.52 for a total of 24.46 lean
SgrNSpice · 1798 days ago

Hi. I got home from work yesterday, stripped the bed, put clean linens on it, did wash, folded clothes, did Wii fit with my daughter for over 40 min.  I was drenched when I was done.  I told her we are shooting for over 45 min tonight.  I got up and I'm mo
SgrNSpice · 1798 days ago

Hi. I finally broke the 240 plateau!  238 this lost since 4/28/14 33 lbs.  I will measure probably tomorrow. I'm very happy and very excited. I did my 36 min video yesterday in the morning then when I got home from work, did another 30 min
SgrNSpice · 1799 days ago

Hi, I know its been a while.  No excuses, except laziness.  This month has been up and down for me.  I'm (as of today) 240 lbs.  That's 31 lbs since my start on 4/28.  I'm happy to be down the weight and I feel a difference.  My hubby told me that I'm "shr
SgrNSpice · 1800 days ago

I started a new DietBet today.  I rolled over my winnings from the first one, into a $35 bet.  The pot is over $25,000.  I need to lose 10 lbs this month.  I know I can do this.  This week has been a tough one for me.  I had 4 teeth pulled on Monday.  3 st
SgrNSpice · 1820 days ago
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