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Wishing all my FL friends a very happy Mothers Day.  Have a wonderful day.  Poppit.
Poppit · 565 days ago

Don't know if Jackie got my results from her post but here they are: Did not stick to it 100% but came close to it most days. I did manage to drop 4 lbs. and 5 inches overall, so I am happy with that. Have been smoke free for two months now, and have been
Poppit · 663 days ago

Happy New Year. I joined the group and I am ready to go. Day 1 has gone good so far Good luck to all
Poppit · 692 days ago

Sorry I have "been missing in action" lately but I have been having a whole load of problems with my internet connection over the past few weeks.  Was losing access every 30 minutes or so, and would have to unplug the modem to reset it, only to lose it aga
Poppit · 731 days ago

After many weeks of maintaining my weight I weighed in this morning and was delighted to see that I dropped 3 lbs last week.  This brings my total lost to 128 lbs, with only 17 more to go to reach my goal. Together we CAN and WILL do this!
Poppit · 818 days ago

The past two months have been extremely stressful for me with so much going wrong!!!  It started out when I lost one of my little dogs in early June.  I had only had her a couple of months as I got her from a fellow Foster Mother who said she did not want
Poppit · 838 days ago

Due to having a terrible cold for the past couple of weeks, which left me with a touch of pneumonia, I found staying on board the FL train very difficult.  Needless to say my weigh in this morning was a great surprise when my scales read 193.4 lbs.  WooHoo
Poppit · 993 days ago

Did my weekly weigh in today and was delighted to see 195.4 lbs on my scale. Only 4/10ths of a lb to go to reach my first FL goal of 125 lbs LOST forever. Hope to get that, plus a little more, off this week so I can set a new FL goal for myself. I will mak
Poppit · 1006 days ago

Weighed in this morning and was delighted to see 197 on my scales.  Woo-Hoo I feel great!! This brings my total loss to 123.lbs.  It blows my mind. It has taken me over 2 years to accomplish this but it took me 20 years to put the weight on and this has be
Poppit · 1014 days ago

Poppit · 1027 days ago
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