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Happy 4th of July!  Many of you will be celebrating this week on our normal scheduled chat night so I will be in the chat room on Wednesday night at 8:00pm Central time.  Hope you can join me and we will discuss how you did staying on track with all the ga
JackieD · 716 days ago

Good Morning! I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed it with family and friends.  Part of that enjoyment is the freedom from guilt and stress over what we ate.  I enjoyed my day and cooked for my husbands side of the family this year.  I st
JackieD · 1300 days ago

Next week being Thanksgiving week, I will be in the Chat Room on Monday evening at 7:30 Central. This will give us all extra time to prepare for the big meal.  Don't let a family gathering, Holiday or special event stress you - it's just one day of your li
JackieD · 1308 days ago

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope each of you have a safe weekend.  May we never forget the sacrifices that have been given for us.   Many of you will be going to an event or cookout for the Memorial Day holiday and may be wondering how you will handle the food!
JackieD · 1488 days ago

Thank you to those of you that joined me in the chat room tonight.  We are kicking off the Holiday season.   As you requested...we will start focusing on STRESS and the Holidays.  They kind of seem to go hand in hand these days, huh?  lol..... But they don
JackieD · 1688 days ago

Holidays and cook-outs usually bring up concerns on how to have a fat loss meal without going off track.  First of all think of your outing or get together as quality time with family and friends.  Don't make it about the food.  Nearly all our gatherings a
JackieD · 1754 days ago

Day 19 all ready!  I don't know what the scale will show nor do I care....I do know my jeans are more comfortable than they were 3 wks ago.  I know I had let a couple pounds slip in on me and I can SEE a difference in my stomach and FEEL a difference in my
JackieD · 1853 days ago

Here is a tip to help this weekend.   The South is usually known for their good Southern cooking.  We do like to eat!  We also like to have family get togethers so we can eat everyone's favorite dish.  Let's be honest...we always take to a covered dish mea
JackieD · 1889 days ago