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Due to conflict in my schedule this week I hosted the Chat last night (Friday).  I was concerned that there would not be many there due to the change and the fact it being a Friday evening.  Well, I was so happy to see 4 of our community that had not been
JackieD · 817 days ago

When we started our Group Metabolism Makeover, I stated I would be sending out a FL prize to a participant that stuck with it and released inches and pounds.  If you stuck with it or made positive changes...you are a winner too!!  I am sending beautiful_me
JackieD · 1007 days ago

I'm often asked how I have been able to maintain my weight loss.  A recent conversation with a new co-worker brought out some ideas and points that I haven't shared in a blog lately.  I began thinking about my FL journey over the last 5 1/2+ years. The fir
JackieD · 1345 days ago

We had a good chat last night.  Shared some good snacks,exercise tips and motivational tips.   If you aren't attending the weekly chats you are missing a great FREE tool here in the community.  Norman has his chats on Thursday nights and I host on Tuesday
JackieD · 1555 days ago

We had a great chat tonight.  Ladies, I really enjoyed spending a couple of hours with you!  We may never meet face to face but I count you all as my FL family.  Thank you so much for all you bring to the chats.  They are fun and informative.   If you are
JackieD · 1653 days ago

We had a good chat Tuesday night and was joined by 2 newbies!  I love when new members join in and share their journey.  They always bring good questions to the group too.  Which I want to give a big shout out to Bonnie Hahn and Mart.....they are so helpfu
JackieD · 1672 days ago

Today I had the great honor and privilege of meeting our StormanNorman, or Norman Davison face to face for the first time.  Norman and I are the hosts for the live chats here in the community as many of you know.  Though we work "together" many times, we h
JackieD · 1879 days ago