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It's that time of year again...the Holidays will soon be behind us...hopefully not literally.  (think on that a minute - you'll get it lol)  If you have been in the community for a while you know I start the New Year off with a Group Metabolism Makeover.  
JackieD · 915 days ago

Three more days until we start our Group Metabolism Makeover.   You should be getting your mindset to spend the next 3 short weeks resetting your metabolism to burning fat.  Weigh, measure and take the before pics.  You will be glad you did.   The 21 day m
JackieD · 1046 days ago

We are only 1 week away from our Group 21 Day MM....we will be beginning August 10th!  I just created the group so look above at the tabs...click on Groups then join the 21 day mm.  Be sure to subscribe to it as well so you will get emails when a new post
JackieD · 1050 days ago

Tonight in chat we talked about a few new snacks...I know I keep talking about Halo Top ice cream...but if you haven't tried it and you are past the 21 Day MM...you have got to get ya some!  It's amazing, low calorie and high protein snack.   We also talke
JackieD · 1058 days ago

I am still waiting for more results to come in on the the Group 21 Day MM.  I have only heard from 5 of you thus far and we had 25+ join the group so I don't want to miss anyone.  Right now with 5 reporting their inches and pounds released we are at 21 lbs
JackieD · 1237 days ago