I was asked this question recently.  "What's the better form of oats?"  Oatmeal is a great fat loss meal and there are several ways you can make it your fast carb for breakfast.  You can quickly create a fat loss solo with oatmeal as well.  I personally ha
JackieD · 1012 days ago

We had a great chat tonight.....and though I am here to answer questions and offer suggestions I always learn from you all too!  Char shared with us in chat that she makes crackers out of Flatout bread by toasting them in the toaster oven.  Now why had I n
JackieD · 1205 days ago

Last night we had a good chat.  I was able to help a member discover she was not eating enough!  WHAT?  Yes, that happens a lot.  We have been taught less is best....well not on FL's.  If you aren't eating can put yourself back in fat storing
JackieD · 1440 days ago

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to remind you that chat will be Tuesday night at 7:30 central.  Hope you can join me.   We are beginning to have fresh veggies from the garden and I am really enjoying them!  Tonight I fixed a spaghetti squash from the
JackieD · 1815 days ago

I just posted a recipe I tweaked from Cleaning Eating.  Someone had posted a question not long ago about what kind of barbeque sauce to use.  I have been using the Walden Farms as it is 0 cal. and carb and 0 sugar but I found this recipe and it sounds wond
JackieD · 1830 days ago

Someone asked me recently how I am able to eat all the foods I ate when I was gaining weight.  I explained to them how we watch portions and combinations of protein, fast and slow carbs.  as well as eating a snack or meal every 2-3 hrs.  During the discuss
JackieD · 1832 days ago

Last Tuesday a couple of you had questions and I told you I would bet back with you.  Sorry it has taken me a few days but like Rick, this Tennessee weather is bouncing all over the place and with the sinus infection to go along with all the pollen in the
JackieD · 1881 days ago

Thank each of you that came to chat tonight.  I enjoy it each time.  I was asked about cornbread on the plan.  Yes you can have it!  Even on the 21 Days  if you tweak it.  I promised to post a FL friendly recipe so here is a good one: This serves 8 Ingredi
JackieD · 1894 days ago