I had a member email this past week feeling she was defeated and had slipped off track beyond continuing.  If you find yourself in this situation....don't revert back to your "diet mentality".  In the past you probably started a "diet" on a Monday and did
JackieD · 773 days ago

One habit I broke when starting FL's was weighing daily.  I was addicted to the scale.  FL's taught me that the scale lies and the tape measure is the best tool for keeping up with your true progress.  I'm so glad I know this because Monday I weighed...fir
JackieD · 792 days ago

People often will ask me "are you still on that diet"?   That hits a nerve with me!  lol  I have never felt I was "dieting" on this lifestyle.  It's not a diet...don't think of it as one - we've been on enough of those and we all know they do not work.  Th
JackieD · 851 days ago

We are less than a week away from completing the Group 21 Day Metabolism Makeover....join me tonight in the chat room and share how it's going for you and have any questions answered you might have at this point.   Remember this is a lifestyle...not a diet
JackieD · 883 days ago

Just a reminder...I will be in the chat room tonight at 7:30 central....hope you can join me.   With the Holidays surrounding us, how are you doing?  If you slip a little don't feel defeated and give long as you are making conscious decisions...y
JackieD · 918 days ago

I know one of the important factors of weight loss is sleep.  I preach it all the time but lately I have not been practicing what I preach.  So I'm putting it out there in hopes of making myself accountable to not only myself but to YOU.  I get up each wor
JackieD · 951 days ago

I know I have shared info on the 80/20 Rule before but from time to time I like to post it again for any newbies.  Part of the reason I have been able to make the foundation of the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover my permanent lifestyle is there is never a feeli
JackieD · 991 days ago

So you just finished the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover....and you are wondering "now what?"  After you reset your metabolism to fat burning mode and you have learned the foundation of the's time to decide on which path/strategy you will continue
JackieD · 1018 days ago

Today I am having fasting blood work at 8:45.  I am so hungry right now!  It's 6:15...I have normally already eaten breakfast and nearing my first snack of the day at 7:00.  I was reflecting back on how much my lifestyle has changed since my first 21 Day M
JackieD · 1049 days ago

This picture showed up on my personal Facebook page as a memory from July 23, 2010. Time flies and I never dreamed I'd find a way to lose weight and maintain my loss. Love this's my norm now.  This picture was after reaching my goal, submitt
JackieD · 1059 days ago
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