Join me in the chat room on Monday night Nov. 20th at 7:30 central.  Let's talk turkey!  And dressing and dessert and how to handle all the food but remain FL compliant.  It's easier than you think!  I've lived through 7 Thanksgiving seasons and still main
JackieD · 585 days ago

Happy 4th of July!  Many of you will be celebrating this week on our normal scheduled chat night so I will be in the chat room on Wednesday night at 8:00pm Central time.  Hope you can join me and we will discuss how you did staying on track with all the ga
JackieD · 723 days ago

Many of you will be going to an event or cookout for the Easter weekend and may be wondering how you will handle the food!  Don't stress it....gatherings can be very enjoyable and very satisfying as far as your Fat Loss Meal is concerned.  Here are a few t
JackieD · 803 days ago

Good Morning!  I just wanted to remind you of our chat tonight (Tuesday) 7:30 central here in the community.  Just click on the tab above to be taken to the Chat Room.  Bring me your questions and I'll try my best to answer.  Everyone is looking forward to
JackieD · 806 days ago

This week I will be in the chat room on Monday night 8:00 pm central due to scheduling conflict with the Thanksgiving Holiday.   With Thanksgiving approaching I wanted to share some of my tips for surviving without derailing.  I always remind everyone on a
JackieD · 948 days ago

Happy Halloween!  By now you have probably bought your Halloween candy but either way I wanted to touch on a few ideas and tips to help you avoid over indulging.  The best tip I ever read was buy candy you don't like. lol....I'm mean really!  You won't eat
JackieD · 969 days ago

This week's chat session will be back on regular time...Tuesday evening at 7:30 central time.  Hope you can join me.  With the Holidays quickly approaching we need to start planning our course.  You CAN enjoy the foods, gatherings, and meals without packin
JackieD · 975 days ago

Happy 4th of July!  I was thinking many of you may have a picnic or gathering planned and may be concerned about your fat loss plates.  This is the blog I posted for Memorial Day and I thought it might help for your July 4th celebrations. *********** Many
JackieD · 1088 days ago

Good Morning! I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed it with family and friends.  Part of that enjoyment is the freedom from guilt and stress over what we ate.  I enjoyed my day and cooked for my husbands side of the family this year.  I st
JackieD · 1306 days ago

Next week being Thanksgiving week, I will be in the Chat Room on Monday evening at 7:30 Central. This will give us all extra time to prepare for the big meal.  Don't let a family gathering, Holiday or special event stress you - it's just one day of your li
JackieD · 1314 days ago
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